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Enzyme Development & Manufacturing on a Customized Basis

Hzymes Biotech develops and manufactures with latest technology for specialty enzymes for a variety of industrial needs, including food industry, flavor & fragrance industry, life science industrial units, pharma, and fine chemicals industry, in small and large scale quantities. Hzymes Biotech have ability to provide quality products faster & cost efficient on the all specialty enzyme service with 100% safety under the supervision of qualified team of Hzymes Biotech.

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Hzymes has provided products and services to more than 80 Chinese IVD reagent manufacturers, and exported products to 25 countries and regions, and will export its products to major IVD markets worldwide in the future.

  • Hzymes Proteinase K Three Technology Breakthroughs
  • HzymesPrk Lab DNA
  • HzymesPrk Lab DNA


Hzymes Biotech is the first manufacturer that can independently research and develop as well as produce key enzyme materials and reagents in China. We possess strong technical capabilities to provide customers with high-quality IVD reagents and services for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and other industries.

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Molecular Optimization and Modification of Enzyme

The company’s R&D teams have accumulated rich experience in discovering new enzyme genes from a large amount of enzyme resources, and obtaining the best enzyme molecules through rational design and/or directed evolution technology.

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Compound Customization

Hzymes compound customization service focuses on the development and production of various special compounds for the IVD industry. We can synthesize target compounds via various kinds of reactions (including block synthesis, oxidization, restoration, condensation, nitrosation, bromination, etc) to precursors of target compounds.

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Protein Mass Production

Hzymes possesses the largest special enzyme production line in China by developing a complete set of protein preparation and production system. The system has enhanced the fermentation level to >10g/L, protein yield level to 90%, protein purity level to 95%, and specific activity stability of freeze-dried powder to 35U/mg.

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