PCR Master mixes

PCR Master mixes in bulk for your assays

Hzymes Biotech has extensive expertise in developing, verifying, and manufacturing PCR master mixes a wide range of kits to the Clients over the years. We are manufacture and Sales master mixes in a variety of quantities and packaging choices.

Our tailored PCR master mixes are compatible with the majority of commercially available instruments and may be used for a variety of applications including PCR, qPCR, RT PCR, digital PCR, NGS, epigenetics, and PCR array analysis.

Our efficient supply chain operations enable bulk delivery anywhere in the world, on time.

Custom formulation

  • Lyophilized, lyo-ready, glycerol-free formulations
  • Components and reagents

Contract manufacturing

  • Customized processing
  • QC support
  • Lyophilization

Packaging and volume

  • Flexible volumetric ordering
  • Kitting
  • Custom labels and packaging (white label/ your brand)

Various PCR master mixtures

Hzymes Biotech provides a variety of options for the commercial test, ranging from off-the-shelf to fully customized PCR mixes. Furthermore, Hzymes Biotech PCR Master Mixture with GMP-Grade can tailor formulation and packaging to suit specific production requirements in the lyophilized, lyo-ready, or glycerol-free forms in the upgrade master mix products, which include a unique pipetting-control function, highlight our capabilities and enthusiasm in fostering innovation.


Lyophilization (freeze-drying) is a technique that removes water from items to preserve them, increase their shelf life, or allow them to be transported at room temperature. Lyophilization begins by freezing the substance, then lowering the pressure and increasing the heat to allow the frozen water in the material to sublimate.
Hzymes Biotech provides a variety of glycerol-free, lyo-ready, or lyophilized commercial enzyme formulations for molecular biology applications. Examine our enzyme portfolio in further detail.

Ultra Clean Production

For operations requiring great purity and precision, the Ultra Clean Production master mix is suggested. It is especially well-suited for applications that need reagents that are free of contaminating nucleic acids. The Ultra Clean Production master mix is employed in microbial analysis processes, such as measurement of microbial DNA against host DNA prior to NGS library creation, and provides excellent efficiency in techniques prone to contaminating background DNA.