Large-Scale Expression And Quality Control Platform

Hzymes Biotech established the IVD raw enzyme production line with the largest domestic production capacity in China and standardized production management process in which the inter-batch differences are controllable. Hzymes possess 25 Ton+60 Ton fermenters, a large-scale protein purification device that can purify 25kg/batch, and a 40 m2 freeze dryer.

With these professional facilities, Hzymes has become the largest supplier for Proteinase K in China and reached the capacity of producing 1500 kg PRK per year to export to countries including the U.S., Germany, North Korea, India, and Iran.

Under the concept of “quality is by design”, Hzymes strictly follows the complete quality management system in the design and development, test review, mass trial production, and other links, so that every step of the production process has strict control standards and availability. We have established a comprehensive quality management system that runs through R&D, procurement, production, and service to ensure product quality throughout the entire process, and passed the ISO9001 international quality management system certification in February 2017.