OEM Collaboration

Hzymes Biotech’s OEM Collaboration

You encounter a variety of hurdles as a creator of a novel product for molecular biology markets in your research, development, quality control, and supply chain activities. Whether you are developing commercial PCR assays, NGS technology, or a sample purification procedure, you must ensure that you have consistent, high-quality components on hand. OEM outsourcing can assist you in planning your manufacturing within agile timescales that align with your company goals. Starting from scratch might be time-consuming at times. 

The OEM cooperation process, from inquiry to post-launch support

From the initial inquiry to the final requirements
Hzymes Biotech will assemble a team of experts to assist you in realizing your vision while maintaining complete secrecy. The OEM process begins with a thorough examination of your objectives and requirements. As a consequence, you’ll have a thorough understanding of how to transform your concept into a commercial product. The project, its complexity, and scope are all well understood as a consequence of this evaluation procedure.

Consultation and assessment
From the outset of the OEM process, Hzymes scientists and a cross-functional team of specialists are at your disposal. The initial assessment is crucial to the project’s success. It consists of three steps:

This first step triggers an elaborate discussion about your requirements, focusing on:

  • Applications
  • Products/ components review
  • Timelines
  • Budget

Feasibility check
Early sampling and testing. One-stop supplier to check diverse issues:

  • IP, licensing and legal
  • Production capabilities
  • Compliance
  • Product sampling

Detailed product design and project definition help you avoid foreseeable mistakes:

  • Design Transfer Sheet (DTS)
  • Pricing
  • Volume
  • Quantity

From prototype to production

Hzymes Biotech gives you access to the infrastructure you’ll need to design, sample, test, and manufacture your products. You can rely on Hzymes Biotech, high-quality development and manufacturing capabilities for everything from a single component to an entire workflow. Profit from increased compliance and significant OPEX savings by knowing you can rely on our OEM procedures and documentation. Our manufacture follows GMP criteria for uniformity from batch to batch, and our facilities are ISO certified.

Review OEM portfolio using an interactive online tool.

Assay development with a variety of vendors may be time-consuming and costly. Allow Hzymes Biotech to assist you with supply chain consolidation.

A new interactive tool is now available:
The Periodic Table of Kit Components was created to help you outsource components for your molecular assays more efficiently.

From production to consumption

Hzymes Biotech has manufacturing capabilities all across the world, and we use coordinated production planning to ensure that your component arrives when and where you need it.

Allow us to assist you in meeting your inventory needs. To make the most of our bulk production and kitting skills, establish an OEM process. With white packaging and tailored aliquots or concentrations, we cater to your demands.

person holding laboratory flask

Global & Local manufacturing from an experienced partner:

Reach throughout the globe
We ensure a thorough awareness of your market by having production facilities in numerous places and offices all over the world. Whether you require our services locally or globally, we can provide you with complete anonymity.
Numerous industries locations
We can provide you with a wide range of industry-grade components manufactured in a variety of locations across the world. Working with a reputable global manufacturer might help you avoid economic or geopolitical risks. Hzymes Biotech gives you peace of mind.

Quality and compliance should not be compromised. Hzymes Manufacturing takes place in ISO and GMP-certified facilities.

Production is flexible.

From the beginning through the end of a long-term correlation

After delivery, the OEM process does not end.  Hzymes Biotech provides OEM’s experienced assistance, allowing you to grow your manufacturing as needed and enhance your components and products on a constant basis. We are devoted to assisting you each and every step of the process, regardless of the size of your firm. When you work with us, you can rest certain that your OEM outsourced components and products will be consistently high-quality and delivered on time.

Continuity of operations
Hzymes Biotech gives you access to our extensive line of products and components. Allow us to be your trusted partner from the beginning, with complete secrecy and transparency.
We convert discoveries into commercial goods using our track record of production. You can expect exceptional quality as we scale to match your company’s development.

Production and quality assurance
Our ISO-certified production facilities ensure excellent processes:

  • Product implementation
  • Traceable product batch records
  • QC as agreed in DTS
  • Product release

Packaging and shipping
We have facilities placed all around the world to provide you with global service right at your doorstep:

  • Packaging per DTS specifications
  • Global shipment
  • Storage and shelf life

After-launch assistance
Our Experts is here to help you with your present and future needs:

  • Technical support
  • Troubleshooting
  • Change control policies
  • Product enhancement
  • Quality at scale