Innovative Technology Platform

June 2, 2021, Hzymes Biotechnology and Renxin Biotech (Shanghai Renxin Biotechnology Co., Ltd) have signed a strategic investment at Phoenix Creativity Valley, Shanghai. The collaborative movement marks Hzymes’ strategic extension on innovative technology platform, drives the technical application service in biomedical and IVD industry.

As a start-up high-tech enterprise features on “Digital DNA” technique, a rapid DNA synthesis technology, the product fulfils multi detection scenarios in biochemical-immunoassay POCT, pathogenic microbe and DNA rapid synthesis etc. It is speculated that the future application is not just in biomedicine and IVD industry but a revolutionary information storage technology.

The principle of ” Digital DNA ” is a rapid DNA synthesis technique, ideally, the special enzymes developed by Hzymes are essential raw materials to implement this technology. The combination of the two could lead to the real-world attempt of DNA storage technology. Technically, only one kilogram of DNA could store all the world’s information.

Hzymes, as a strategic investor, is optimistic about RenXin’s future and combines the application in biomedical, IVD industry with self-advantages, thus to escort RenXin’s future development.