OEM – digital PCR systems

Digital PCR systems as OEM for your commercial assay manufacturing

Consider maintaining the familiarity and simplicity of use of qPCR while acquiring the improved sensitivity, accuracy, and absolute quantification of digital PCR (dPCR) without increasing the time to market for your commercial test. Discover a fully integrated digital PCR system based on nanoplates. By integrating the digital PCR equipment into your processes, you can give your customers and R&D lab professionals an improved digital PCR experience.

A simple, rapid workflow

digital PCR scalable, reducing time to result with an all-in-one walkaway solution approach.

Quantification with acuity and focus

OEM can help your R&D and customers overcome challenges in digital PCR research applications.

Nanoplate-based digital PCR system for diverse applications

The process of end-point PCR is used in nanoplate-based digital PCR technology, however, it is divided into numerous distinct reactions. The amplification target is identified after PCR by detecting the fluorescence of either sequence-specific DNA probes or intercalating dyes. Consider the advantages of automation and dPCR accessible to your consumers, along with the familiarity of your novel PCR experiment & completely integrated nanoplate-based digital PCR technology, which was developed to provide the following advantages

  • Fixed partitions
  • Sealed nanoplates
  • Faster readout
  • Easy-to-use, plates
  • Front-end automation
Suitability level

Scaled-up quality

  • Throughput from 96 to 1,248 samples per day
  • Three instrument configurations
  • Up to two integrated thermocyclers

Multiplexing and quick results

  • From sample to result in under two hours
  • Up to five detection channels


  • Partition number and input volume per well depends on plate configuration 

Investigate digital PCR in further depth.

dPCR for enhancing demand for quantity and quality

Learn how can help you simplify your commercial assay’s digital PCR workflow. With exact quantification, you can get consistent, dependable outcomes. For enhanced sample processing throughput,  Allows you to combine the whole workflow into a single digital PCR instrument.

Features and specifications

Include dPCR in your workflow

The goal of digital PCR for manufacturers is to accelerate commercial assay innovation. When speed, sensitivity, specificity, and simplicity of use are required, integrate into your workflow and provide sophisticated dPCR technologies to your lab and customers.

Hzymes Biotech Features and specifications:

Plates processed14 8
Detection channels (multiplexing)2 or 55 5
Thermocycler(s)11 2
Time to resultUnder 2hThe first plate under 2 h
Every ~60 min the following plate
 The first plate under 2 h
Every ~30 min the following plate
Throughput (samples processed in a workday)Up to 384 (96-well)
Up to 96 (24-well) 
Up to 672 (96-well)
Up to 168 (24-well) 
Up to 1248 (96-well) 
Up to 312 (24-well) 

Nanoplates – Features and specifications

Nanoplate 26K 24-well24-well × approx. 26,000 partitionsRare mutation detection, liquid biopsy, pathogen detection, etc.
Nanoplate 8.5K 24-well24-well × approx. 8,500 partitionsCNV determination, NGS library quantification, genome edit detection, etc.
Nanoplate 8.5K 96-well96-well × approx. 8,500 partitionsCNV determination, NGS library quantification, genome edit detection, etc.