Deep Mining Platform for Enzymes

“The major environment of the Earth is the deep-sea environment, at an average depth of 3800 m, because the ocean occupies 70% of the earth.” The deep-sea environment is an extreme environment for land plants and animals including human beings because of its high hydrostatic pressure, extreme temperature, and lack of light. However, the deep-sea environment is teeming with microscopic life forms which develop specific characteristics to adapt to that environment. “Nominal cell counts of > 105 cells per ml in surface sea water predict that the oceans harbor 3.6 * 1029 microbial cells with a total cellular carbon content of about 3 * 1017 g.”

The World Register of Marine Species (WoRMS) that provides the first comprehensive checklist of how many marine species has been demonstrated an increase in the discovery rate of marine species from 1755 to 2021 and predicted an ongoing increase in the following decades. Therefore, deep-sea environment shows a promising future for discovering enzyme gene diversity and promoting the development of biotechnology.

Given the enormous number of microbes and their vast metabolic diversity, Hzymes Biotech collaborates with  Shanghai Jiaotong University laboratory of molecular enzymology engineering and synthetic biology to fully explore the diversity of microbial resources from extreme environment and obtain new genes with unique advantages in providing lasting power for IVD materials.

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