Joint R&D Center For IVD Core Raw Materials

The new joint R&D center was created with the purpose of biomedical core raw materials research, development, and production under the effort of SIBET  CAS  & Hzymes Biotechnology. The establishment is looking forward to bringing new products or renewing existing products in the biomedical industry.

Specifically, during this pandemic crisis which remarks the human history, IVD couldn’t be more important since the outbreak of COVID-19. Diagnostics tests, or antibody and other adaptive immune response tests are highly dependent on the IVD core raw materials. The IVD serves a crucial role in preventing and controlling the spread of disease. Not only with the pandemic but as well as with the emergence of other diseases during this period.

The increase in market demand ushered in our development of rapid and large production of the IVD core raw materials. With the advanced techniques and professional team integrated from both the SIBET CAS and Hyzmes, the combined effort would lead and take the IVD raw materials production and technology to the next level within the country. With the new Joint R&D Center by the two specialties, Hzymes will be developing and expertise numerous technologies and achievements with intellectual property rights for the IVD core raw materials production. To provide multiple IVD core raw materials like in vitro diagnostic enzymes, microfluidics, biosensors, and a lot more to the biomedical industry

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