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Hzymes Biotechnology Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise with 20 years of experience in researching, developing, and producing core raw materials in vitro diagnostic (IVD) industry. By incorporating five enzyme creation technology platforms, Hzymes has become the Chinese leading manufacturers to provide a consistent large-scale output of enzymes with high quality.



Hzymes Lab

With Latest Research & Technology

Production and sales of core raw materials
(enzymes / coenzymes / enzyme substrates / antigens / antibodies )

OEM reagent/solution provision, production foundry for holder system

IVD Reagent Technical Services.

Strategic development technology holdings for specialty products (molecular diagnostic all-in-one machine, bilirubin biosensor, enzymatic glycated hemoglobin biosensor, etc.)

“I believed that with a strong professional team which has nearly 20 years of technology accumulation, Hzymes Biotech is the only company in China that has 5 major IVD raw material enzyme creation technology platforms at the same time. We are committed to fulfilling any demand of our customers and foster the development of biotechnology in the research level.”

Dr. Guangyu Yang

Chairman & CTO of the company

We Served

With decades of experience in enzyme engineering, Hzymes-Prk superb R&D team has developed over 300 raw materials in bio-pharmaceuticals, vaccine preparation, and IVD industry. Relying on advanced technology platforms, we have served 1.3 billion people worldwide including the U.S., Italy, Russia, China, Singapore, etc. Fostering human health and happiness is always the source of power for our work. We are a team of innovation and inclusion.

Our Expertise

We are expert in research and development, production, and technical services of IVD raw materials using 5 core technology platforms: deep mining platform for enzyme gene diversity, enzyme structure-function analysis and molecular rational design platform, platform for directed evolution and high-throughput screening of enzyme functions, enzyme large-scale expression and quality control platform, and enzyme application technology and reagent formulation development platform.

Hzymes Lab

Deep mining platform for enzymes
Hzymes Lab

Enzyme Structure-Function Analysis

Hzymes Lab

Large-Scale Expression & Quality Control

Hzymes Lab
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Why People Trust Us


Hzymes Lab

High-Quality Lab

Hzymes Biotech has established R&D and production bases in Wuhan, Shanghai, Suzhou, and Qingdao. The company is going forward by virtue of multiple technology platforms and multiple products.

Hzymes Lab

Unmatched Expertise

Nearly 20 years of technology accumulation, Hzymes Biotech has become the only company in China that has 5 major IVD raw material enzyme creation technology platforms at the same time.

Hzymes Lab

Precise Result

As one of the most important innovations in Hzymes Biotech, the stability of fructose-based peptide oxidase (FPOX) was improved by multiple molecular evolutions, and the half-life of the optimal mutant was increased by nearly 1000 times, reaching the international advanced level..

Hzymes Lab

Qualified Staff

Hzymes Biotech attaches great importance to the construction of a talent team. It has a team of professional management talents with working experience in multinational companies and listed companies, and more than 50% of its technical staff hold Master’s or Doctoral degrees. 

Latest Case Studies

Purification Of Material.

Proteinase K Large-Scale Production Faces Difficulties,
As Following
1) Low Expression.
2) Pigment And Nucleic Acid Residues.
3) Instability.
4) Easy To Precipitate.
5) Large Input.​

DNA Extraction Method

Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit Is Extensively Used In The DNA And RNA Extraction Besides
Its Role In DNA And RNA Extraction, Proteinase K Is Widely Used For Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS), Microarrays, Chromosomal DNA Preparation By Pulse Electrophoresis.

Removal Of DNase & RNase

Proteinase K Is A Serine Protease With Protein Hydrolase Activity And Can Maintain Activity In A Wide Range Of Environments.

Most Common Applications Is Nucleic Acid Extraction.

Custom enzyme directed evolution service


About Hzymes Biotech Co., Ltd.

Introducing the Hzymes Biotech HbA1C Enzymatic Assay Method Reagent

Introducing Hzymes Proteinase K

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